Empty road winding in rolling green hills  traveling off into the distance in Tennessee

Nashville city sky line at dusk lit by soft city lights

Memphis city skyline with the Mississippi river in forground

Tennessee - The Volunteer State

Tennessee is divided into three grand divisions. East, Middle and West. Hence the three stars on the state flag. Each of these divisions are unique Physically, Eccomically and Geologically.

  • Middle Tennessee hosts 6 of the top 10 largest cities in Tennesse including its capital Nashville. Middle Tennessee is comprised of lush green rolling hills upon layered hard limestone. It's these hills and stone that give Middle Tennessee its distintive geological beauty. Nashville is at the intersection of three major Interstate highways (I-40, I-65, and I-24), connecting it to 8 adjoining states.
  • East Tennessee hosts two large cities, Knoxville and Chattanooga as well as several colleges and universities. Eastern Tennessee is home to the Appalachian Mountains. The Great Smokies as they are referred to are some of the oldest mountains in the continental US. Today they host an abundance of wildlife, natural beauty and recreational opportunies.
  • Western Tennessee is comprised of mostly lowland fertile soils as it stretches to the Mississippi River. It is home for the city of Memphis, Tennessee's second largest city.

Geology has played a large role in the growth of the three Grand Divisions. Each utilizing its resources to create specific industries, economies, and markets. Given its diversities, Tennessee has developed numerous business and industrial verticals. These include a robust transportation industry, Manufacturing (including GM, Nissian/Mitsubishi, and Ford plants, was well as several EV industry facilites). The entertainment and hospitality industries are booming in Tennessee. Tennessee's outdoor beauty provides for a very healty tourism and recreation industry. It's home to a healthy bio-tech and life sciences environment, including numerous health care corporations and one of the nations top medical universities, Vanderbilt University.

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